Release your inner SUPERHERO and invest in a ROLEX from TOPWATCH!!!


Thursday, 22nd June 2017

Release your inner SUPERHERO and invest in a ROLEX from TOPWATCH!!!

Why you HAVE TO invest in a ROLEX...

Rolex Price Increase Reasoning:

During the last couple of decades and even years, the price of top-tier timepieces increased at an incredible rate, and none increased more quickly than the most respected watchmaker of them all, Rolex. One might wonder why this is the case. Obviously, inflation will affect the price of Rolex watches over a period of time. But even taking inflation into account, the Submariner No-Date, for example, has increased in value almost six times as the years have passed.

One theory is that, by guaranteeing prices remain high, Rolex protects its reputation as a luxury brand. At the same time this would ensure a healthy client base that would demand a sophisticated, exclusive watch that also acts as their unflawed status symbol.

Other possible justifications for the rising cost of Rolex watches include the inconsistant price of the materials used, Rolex's emphasis on improving its watches through years of R&D, and marketing costs. Far more goes into a Rolex watch than the manufacturing process. These pieces require exhaustive effort in several scopes to ensure they are as reliable, accurate, attractive and functional as possible. This requires a large budget, which is mirrored in the price of the product. As the brand advances, the value of Rolex pieces will increase; especially as Rolex is gradually emphasizing the 'luxurious' aspect of their product, with the addition of high-priced raw materials adding to the cost price.

What the Rolex Price Increase Means for You:

The trend of ever increasing Rolex prices shows no sign of decelerating, so while the initial spending might be high, there's every reason to know that your Rolex will increase in value in due time, giving you not only a superb timepiece but also an item of exceptionally high resale value.

As a result, whether you're looking to treat yourself to a lavish finishing touch to your image or are considering investing in a nest egg for your future grandchildren, a Rolex watch remains the watch of choice for lovers of the finer things in life.

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that the longer you wait to indulge in one of our Rolex pieces, the more time you are wasting in growing your worth in luxury watches.

This is why Topwatch strives to offer you the most exclusive pieces at the most attractive prices. We love what you love and we love growing our family of watch enthusiasts. Choose your next Rolex today, wear it tomorrow!

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The Rolex GMT and "Batman" completed their collision course in 2013, only three years after the appearance of the "Hulk". Like when the "Hulk" (Marvel Comics) was introduced, the Baselworld 2013 appearance of the Rolex 116710BLNR "Batman" forever bound the two icons from Rolex and DC Comics.
But the blue and black Cerachrom bezel and black dial of the 116710BLNR ensures a touch of stealth and masculinity. The combination is incredible.

Admittedly, the combo of blue and black is an unusual choice for Rolex, and has never been done prior this Rolex GMT-Master II model. Color is of course a highly subjective topic, but blue does make some sense - blue for the daytime hours and black for the nighttime hours.

Like Batman himself, the appearance and intensity of these colors are anything but subtle.

The benefits of ceramic bezels are present in full; Rolex's Cerachrom never will fade, rub off, or wear-through. Its resistance to scratches and scuffs is as formidable as a sapphire crystal, and barring a truly catastrophic hit, only diamond or gamma-enhanced violence can mar Cerachrom.

Rolex never fails to deliver durability, but refinement is the other pillar of its reputation. A reputation envied by most watchmakers.

So? What is it going to be? Batman? Hulk? Choose your hero. BE YOUR OWN HERO!

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The Rolex Submariner and "The Incredible Hulk" completed their unlikely 48-year collision course in 2010. While the renowned durability of each may have been their only common thread for a half-century, the Baselworld 2010 appearance of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV "Incredible Hulk" forever bound the two icons from Rolex and Marvel Comics.
But the green Cerachrom bezel and sunburst metallic dial of the Submariner 116610LV aren't sober touches. They're incredible.

Rolex debuted the 116610LV "Hulk" as the heir to its well-loved 16610LV fiftieth anniversary model that debuted in 2003 to mark a half-century of the world's favorite dive watch. Critically, the "Hulk" broke from the color scheme of its predecessor, which featured a green bezel in tandem with a black dial. Green is a long-running corporate signature of Rolex, and for 2010, the Geneva giant doubled-down with a second helping of verdure.

The green dial, which Rolex described as "green gold" upon its launch, is a soleil pattern metallic finish that radiates from the junction of the hands and pulls one's eyes toward the matching bezel. In direct light, the dial has a three-dimensional effect and morphs between shades of green as light dances across its gentle sunburst grain pattern.

Like the Hulk himself, the appearance and intensity of this dial are anything but static.

So? What is it going to be? Hulk? Batman? Choose your hero. BE YOUR OWN HERO!

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