WATCHES - Purchasing brand new pieces vs used pieces


Thursday, 22nd June 2017

WATCHES - Purchasing brand new pieces vs used pieces

When purchasing a brand new luxury watch, the second the transaction is made and you leave the store, the value of your purchase plunges significantly. If your aim is to purchase a luxury watch to turn a profit or even just a piece that retains the most value, you should consider buying used models. When you purchase pre-owned watches, you are investing at a lower cost and you will avoid losing a significant percentage of value upon your first wear.
By making the decision to buy pre-owned, there are several factors that will influence the future value of your watch. This includes the brand, model, gender and release date.

When purchasing a used watch with value retention as your goal, you should invest in the strongest brands on the market. These brands have a high demand, so collectors and other watch enthusiasts will be willing to pay for a used watch and the difference between the retail price and resale price will be nominal.
Brands to consider would include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantine, Panerai and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Certain watch models are characteristically more valuable just because of simple design basics. Best is to purchase a model that is made of quality materials - stainless steel has the highest resale value because of hardiness. Contemplate the functions of the watch. Hours, minutes, seconds and date are the most preferred. Complicated watches are more expensive initially, but it's challenging to find used watch buyers for these watches. Find designs that are simple and will end up being classic pieces. The top exclusive watch brands usually only slightly alter the design features and update internal mechanisms of the same collection. Other preferable qualities to look for would be an average sized watch with an automatic Swiss movement.

The resale value for ladies watches is significantly lower than that of gent's pieces because of the very low demand thereof. When buying a women's watch with resale in mind, find a simple, timeless design. Don't buy trendy or flashy pieces, as these watches are tough to sell. The Cartier Tank is an example of a classic women's design that preserves value well.

Release Date:
Generally speaking, the newer the watch, the less time it has had to depreciate, so the resale price will be closer to the retail price.

A take on Luxury Watches vs Smart Watches

The European watch sector is relying on the long-lasting design and manufacturing appeal of its high-quality products to address the challenges posed by Apple and other smart watch manufacturers. That makes sense since luxury swiss watches are designed to outlive a smart watch by decades considering that it is not merely a 3 year "gadget on your wrist". These should actually not even be considered in the same category.

"If you're buying a luxury watch, the point is that you can pass it on to future generations, so you don't want it [to become] obsolete" says Ms Saussier at Credit Suisse.

Many a watch enthusiast and collector would agree that even though smart watches has their place in the world of electronics and gadgets, it would never compete with or replace the exclusivity and luxury of fine Swiss Made timepieces.


As our prospecting buyer, seller or trader, you can be assured of a few things:

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Knowing that we are seen by over a million eyes annually, we always strive to offer the best prices when selling; yet paying the highest possible prices when buying. We love to know that we place you in the best position whether buying or selling your watch.

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