Michel Herbelin - Designed for the individual, for you


Tuesday, 21st January 2020

Michel Herbelin - Designed for the individual, for you

With their immense passion for creativity and an unyielding attention to the finer details, Michel Herbelin luxury watches have been garnering attention from watch lovers since 1947. New timepieces are consistently added to the collections, giving buyers the opportunity to constantly discover new watches to fall in love with.

Michel Herbelin is one of the few true family watch making companies still left in operation, true in the sense that 3 generations later, there are still family members involved in the fine, inner workings of the company. The passion that launched the company almost 75 years ago continues to provide inspiration for those who have taken the reins. Having been passed on from father to sons and then onto grandchildren, each generation has added their own creative touch and moulded the company into their own version of watch making excellence, without losing those all-important characteristics which made the company famous.

Michel Herbelin is a charismatic brand in every sense of the word and their reliability, timeless elegance, and intricate precision, are implemented every step of the way, from those first sketches to the final manufacturing. Much of the design process is inspired by French culture, which is not surprising, given that Michel Herbelin is a French brand. But although the design has a certain unmistakable French flair, the inner workings are pure Swiss ingenuity. The Swiss movements ensure reliability and help to ensure that the watches have a long lifespan and are more than capable of keeping their value.

Luxury Michel Herbelin watches offer something for everyone as the range of collections cover all designs. Whether it is a classic look you are in search of, or something a little sportier, you are sure to find it among the fine collection of watches made available. The designs focus on providing buyers with something elegant, with sleek clean lines, bold colours and simple faces. Although the watches seem to conform to convention, on close inspection the watches are actually as unique as those who wear them. If you are looking to showcase your personality, this is the watch brand for you.

Michel Herbelin Watch Collections
In total, Michel Herbelin boasts 13 superb watch collections, each catering to specific design preferences and tastes. With names like Newport, Trophy, Inspiration, Epsilon, Citadine, Ambassades, M-Band, Cable, Scandinave, Salambo, Antares, Cap Camart and Equinoxe, each collection consists of a range of luxury watches to suit everyone.

Watches for both men and women are available, while there are also collections designed for those who need an accessory while they are outdoors hiking, racing, or partaking any other activity that will get the blood pumping. Made from the very best materials, sourced from the most reputable suppliers, the watches are made to stand the test of time while retaining their value.

New ranges are continuously developed and new watches are constantly designed to keep up with modern tastes. TopWatch stocks a wide range of pre-owned luxury Michel Herbelin watches. We've ensured that the watches we stock are thoroughly checked and their authenticity verified before they are sold, guaranteeing that you receive the finest luxury watch.

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