Frequently Asked Brand Questions: Tag Heuer


Thursday, 6th June 2019

Frequently Asked Brand Questions: Tag Heuer

This watch brand was recently in the news as their Monaco division turned 50, shining the light back onto the fabulous collection of incredible watches that make this brand a truly luxurious one.

For many years, Tag Heuer has been designing, manufacturing and marketing luxury watches as well as various accessories. Their products are always on trend, but at the same time, they are truly timeless, which helps them maintain their reputation for being luxury.

When you are considering making an investment in any of the top of the line watch brands out there, you are going to want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. And in order to do this, you need the right information.

We've researched some of the internet's most frequently asked questions about Tag Heuer in order to help you make a most informed decision before you select the Tag Heuer to suit your style and your budget.

What is the cheapest Tag Heuer Watch?

Price is always going to be one of the biggest factors to consider when buying any luxury watch, and many people are going to look for the cheaper or rather, the more affordable option. Some of the affordable Tag Heuer watches include the Monaco Calibre 6, the Link Calibre 16, and the Carrera Calibre 1887.

Do Tag Heuer Watches hold their value?

Since these are luxury watches, the short answer is yes. They are capable of holding their value over many years and this is because they are manufactured from the very best quality materials. The name Tag Heuer will also add to the value of the watch.

What does Tag Heuer mean?

Tag is an acronym for Techniques d'Avant-Garde. This relates to the innovative design, style and movement of each watch. Heuer is the surname of the company's founder, who was Edouard Heuer.

Does each watch have a serial number?

Each watch has a serial number that is completely unique to the watch you have bought. You will see two numbers engraved on the caseback of the watch. These numbers are placed one above the other and the bottom number will be the serial number.

Are Tag Heuer watches made in Switzerland?

Tag Heuer markets itself as a Swiss made watch. While the company is based in Switzerland, some of the parts come from Japan. Although this recent development has left some people wondering if the brand will be able to still claim that they are Swiss made, the company has assured their supporters that they remain a Swiss company.

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