The Mechanical Wrist Watch


Thursday, 21st February 2019

The Mechanical Wrist Watch

Any proud watch owner might one day find that their watch stops working. If you simply had your average store bought watch, this really wouldn't be an issue. But when you are sporting one of those gorgeous, luxury wrist watches available from Top Watch, you can sympathise with anyone who's favourite watch has suddenly succumbed to a fault.

Mechanical watches differ from other watches for one small reason; they lack a battery. Luxury watches are generally available as either mechanical or electronic, but one thing remains the same, the watch is both beautiful and outstanding.

The mechanical watch is something of a prideful accessory because you are showing off true ingenuity, perhaps a character trait which you see within yourself. And whether you wear it on special occasions when you want to make a statement, or should it be your go to accessory when you suit up, it should always be working. This is one of the greatest advantages of a mechanical watch, you set it up once, and it should tick away forever unless of course, something goes awry.

What makes the mechanical watch tick?

Although watches have enjoyed continuous changes and developments over the centuries, the basic aspects that move a mechanical watch have remained the same. This kind of timepiece has no battery, instead, the energy needed to keep the watch going is provided by an unwinding tightly coiled flat spring. This powers the date function, a chronograph or a moon phase, regardless of the number of add on accessories your watch might have.

The housing of the mainspring is designed to mesh perfectly with a tiny gear train of grooved wheels which is caught and released by a lever. If this was not done, the spring would unravel immediately after being wound up, releasing all of the energy and basically defeating the purpose.

The lever which works to release energy is in turn controlled by a hairspring, which creates a lever escarpment which adds the final control energy in the mainspring. It is designed to feed power back through the gear train and drive the watch hands to count out hours, minutes and seconds.

Each mechanical piece serves a very distinctive purpose, and each piece is quite tiny, as it should be in order to fit into the watch perfectly. It takes many hours of intense focus to create these watches and in many ways, this is what makes a mechanical watch such a sought after and treasured timepiece. The very design of this watch means it will never stop so long as it is well taken care of and wound up whenever necessary, so it can be passed down from generation to generation.

This style of watch is also made by all of the best luxury brands in the world, such as Cartier and Rolex. Not only do you have the unstoppable ticking of the watch thanks to its internal workings, but you will also have the quality that is a given with any luxury brand.

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