The Top 5 Best Rolex Watches for Men


Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

The Top 5 Best Rolex Watches for Men

For decades Rolex has been setting an unbelievably high standard when it comes to watches for men. Rolex is a must for every watch lover, and when wearing this iconic brand, you will without a doubt feel that extra bit of confidence.

If you happen to be someone who already has a keen interest in luxury watch brands, you will know that there are countless luxury brands on the market. But the craftsmanship and quality of the Rolex watches are unique to the brand.

There is no single watch brand that has been responsible for as many innovative designs and revolutionary technology as the Rolex.

The 5 Rolex Watches Every Man Should Consider (in no particular order)

A watch that is sporty but looks just as good on the sports field as in the boardroom, the Daytona is a fine Rolex watch. The design was the result of Rolex's partnership with the Daytona Beach Road Course and served as the timekeepers. The design was launched in 1963. It was made for race car drivers and is capable of measuring speeds of up to 400km/p, as well as keep the time. This watch is elegant and stylish. A must have timepiece for anyone with a love for cars.

Yacht Master
Many Rolex watches take inspiration from stylish, action packed sports and hobbies. The Yacht Master is no different. This watch was introduced to watch lovers in 1992. It is waterproof and easy to read in even the most difficult of weather conditions; two great features inspired by water sports. The watch boasts strength and fantastic durability. Some of the famous people to have worn this design include Bruce Willis and Eric Clapton.

This is the ultimate Rolex watch especially as it has been considered the watch on which the Rolex brand was founded. It was introduced to enthusiasts in 1945 and included a winding feature which allowed the watch to automatically update at midnight. Many watch makers have been inspired by this piece and to this day it is as fashionable as it was when first introduced. The one distinctive feature of this watch is the magnifying date bubble named the Cyclops. The design has changed over the years and you will easily find one that suits your personality. 3 of the most famous people to have worn this watch includes Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King.

This was the first watch to stay waterproof when submerged 330 feet beneath the water. The watch enjoyed plenty of popularity when it was first released in 1954 and while there have been a few shakeups in the design since then, the watch mostly remains true to its original design. And it is a very masculine, clean and modern design. The practicality of the watch allows divers to rely on the timepiece to provide accurate readings for both times and depths.

Instead of being inspired by divers, sailors or race car drivers, the GMT-Master was designed with the pilot in mind. This watch was designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airways and its ability to display the times of two different time zones was revolutionary at the time. While functionality was first and foremost the purpose of this watch, there is no dispute that the aesthetic of the design is what has made this Rolex much sought after.

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