The Luxury Watch Brands You Need To Know About


Wednesday, 15th August 2018

The Luxury Watch Brands You Need To Know About

Having a luxury watch on you wrist is the mark of professionalism and let's face it, any luxury watch is certainly a formidable status symbol.
There are numerous watch brands out there, but not all of them have the reputation that these brands have. And price doesn't determine whether or not a watch brand can be called luxurious.
Luxury watch brands are those that have been produced by a well-known watch company, one that has built its reputation on providing quality and style above all else. These watch brands are known to last a lifetime, and they will become a fantastic addition to any watch collection. Generally, it's the name that is a dead giveaway for the quality of the brand. Here are some of the famous brands you should know about:
The world's best known watch. It's mentioned in music, movies, and novels and everyone knows that Rolex is a must have for any watch enthusiast. Rolex was founded in 1905, in London, by Hans Wilsdorf. Rolex has become the kind of company known for their great looking watches, but best known for their innovative flair. They designed and developed the first waterproof wristwatch, the first watch capable of automatically changing its date and they developed the first dual time-zone watch.
Today, Rolex produces up to 2000 watches a day. With its reputation for luxury, the gold Rolex can allegedly be used as a currency.
Another one of those watches that has earned a worldwide reputation for luxury, and is definitely one of those brands you have to include in your collection. Cartier was founded in 1847, in Paris, by Louis-Francois Cartier. They are the pioneers of the first pilots watch and it was designed for the pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, after he had complained about being unable to get his pocket watch out while flying. This brand has become completely iconic and they are known for their complicated watch making.
Harry Winston
For most of their early years, Harry Winston was best known for diamonds. But after 100 years in business, in 1989, Harry's son, who was a keen watch collector, decided to add watches to the companies glowing portfolio. These watches feature three iconic motif arches on the case at the 12 and 6 markers, and they feature the words "New York" on the dial. These simple but powerful features set this watch apart from all others. Harry Winston Watches are both mechanically spectacular and they have a stunning design.
Pilots and the aviation industry have played an impressive role in the watch making industry. And Bermot is another watchmaking company that has taken plenty of inspiration from this industry. The company was founded by Nick and Giles, brothers who are pilots. Since the initial creation of those first watches, the company included new techniques and technology to incorporate watches capable of handling the pressure of being ejected from an aircraft, along with a range of special edition watches.
Bermot works closely with military unites in order to manufacture watches suitable to their needs. And each watch is truly luxurious.
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