The Most Affordable Watch Brands Of 2018


Friday, 6th July 2018

The Most Affordable Watch Brands Of 2018

Luxury doesn't have to break the bank when you shop the smart way. Some of the world's most affordable watch brands ooze luxury and will undoubtedly be a stylish addition to your outfit. Quality and design are no longer determined by price. Back in the day, when the price was the determining factor, luxury watches were manufactured on a smaller scale. But a boom in the market during the 1970's and 1980's, due to quartz crisis, meant luxury watch prices dropped. The appreciation of watches evolved and instead of the finer inner workings being lauded, the look of a watch and the brand name started to gain more respect.
Today, even the world's most famous watch brands can boast bargains. And with the option of buying second hand watches, it is easier than ever before to treat yourself to the timepiece you really want.
Affordable watch brands are really easy to find. You don't have to browse for hours on end looking for that affordable luxury watch.
This might not be the best watch on the planet but Swatch is known for collaborating with designers and artists in order to create something unique. Swatch has become the watch for those looking for something youthful. Their designs are fresh and exciting.
Founded in 1983, Swatch is a Swiss manufactured watch and their products were developed as a response to the quartz crisis. You can choose from classic, stylish designs and funky, colourful timepieces.
Seiko is the Japanese watch brand well-known for keeping things in house. Even though they make their own quartz, and their team works tirelessly to keep everything within the company, they still manage to keep their prices really low. They've used their own kinetic technology which means your watch battery never runs out of life and they pay extra careful attention to the design of each timepiece.
As a member of the Swatch family, you can be certain that Tissot will provide you with quality as well as contemporary designs. It has a variety of ranges suitable for all occasions, which makes Tissot the go-to affordable watch brand to match any part of your wardrobe. This brand has been on the market since 1853, and although it is really affordable, it still manages to exude luxury.
This brand is less than 20 years old, making it a youngster in the watchmaking industry. The aim of the company right from the get-go was to create watches according to tradition...and then to shake things up completely! The company is based in Sweden and every watch is manufactured in this Scandinavian country. While they are committed to making a real statement with their designs, they do so in the refined manner that can be expected of Sweden. Their timepieces are quite modern, and the watch straps are interchangeable which allows you to shake things up.
When the watch industry was not fully focused on the Swiss, there was a time when London was the watchmaking district. Although World War 2 put a stick in the works, London didn't lose its watchmaking flair. Rotary is one of the companies known for manufacturing luxury, designer watches in the UK. Their watches are refined and simply beautiful, the ideal watch for anyone looking for a statement piece.
Going the Second Hand Route
While all of these affordable watch brands are phenomenal, you can still opt for the second hand watch. Rolex, Tag Heuer, Chopard, Cartier, and Omega second hand luxury watches are just a few of the well-known brands whose products can be bought online.
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