Panerai People


Monday, 16th April 2018

Panerai People

Whether you are into "The Holy Trinity" or modern sports watches, you must admit something -- Panerai watches are special. While you have passionate fans of every top brand, Panerai fans display a level of enthusiasm and passion that is all their own. Known as Paneristi, they have get-togethers all over the world, dedicated websites and trading networks. So what makes Panerai watches so interesting? Don't they all look the same? Aren't they all too big? Why do people get so carried away with Panerai?

It starts with the looks. The classic Panerai dial, with those big numerals, appeals to so many guys. This look dates way back to the 1930's and it is what stirs up so much lust among watch collectors. The advantage of these simple designs is that they stand out from far away. While a busy dial must be inspected up close, a plain and simple dial can be seen from across the room. Also, simple is beautiful. Less is more. And Panerai's look is unmistakably... Panerai. You cannot mistake a Panerai for anything else. This gives any Panerai a strong identity.

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