Thursday, 22nd June 2017


Last month, when the Swiss National Bank announced the end of its imposed cap on the Franc-artificially held at 1.20CHF to 1 Euro, there was an immediate reaction to this news.

After hitting a 0.95CHF low, the Franc is now at 1.03CHF, and that's a deficit that's influencing Swiss watch industry. With Rolex now proposing a 7% price increase in select countries across Europe, as well as increases in Japan and Canada expected to follow, it is safe to say that we are expecting major changes in watch prices.

Similar to the almost immediate decrease after the Swiss National Bank's announcement, those changes will probably happen overnight.

Retailers are holding on to stock in anticipation of the price increases, and its effect on the pre-owned market is a definite. For those in the watch market, that means two things; the first is that waiting could prove expensive, the second is that a purchase now could potentially be worth more in the near future.

One cannot yet predict when this will take place, but one thing is certain: it will happen.

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