The news is in, people who wear watches are superior


Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

The news is in, people who wear watches are superior

A recent article in Hodinkee, highlighting a study which shows that people who wear watches are superior to those who do not, confirmed what we watch lovers have really known all along.

A study was recently carried out by the University of Glasgow, focusing on the personality traits of those who prefer to wear a wristwatch. And the results were interesting to say the least.

These days, wearing a watch is a matter of preference rather than necessity. If it is not our cellphones and similar handheld devices that give us the time whenever we need it, it is our desktop computers or our laptops that constantly display the hours, minutes and seconds of each day.

But regardless of that fact of life, many of us, and presumably you as well, stick to wearing our favourite accessory: the wristwatch. And with the published findings of a recent study, our decisions to keep wearing a watch even though we don't necessarily need to, actually tells us more about our personalities than we could possibly imagine.

The study took 112 participants into consideration. Some were ardent watch wearers while the others had either long since given up wearing one or had simply never indulged in adorning the accessory.
Those who identified as watch wearers were asked to fill-in a Ten Item Personality Inventory.

This is basically a short and sweet personality test that comprised of just 10 questions. The questions were designed to evaluate certain personality aspects which included whether they identified as introverted or extroverted, were more inclined to be combative or thoughtful, and similar such questions.

The first round of the study created the initial results which encouraged the team to carry out their study on a far larger scale.

When the results were confirmed there was certainly a real sense of satisfaction, and in some cases a sense of recognition, among those who saw themselves in the results. The initial study found that those who regularly wore a watch were far more conscientious than those who did not.

Watch wearers also tended to be more introverted than extroverted, were less agreeable (read push over), a bit more closed off, and far more emotionally stable.

Among the many interesting points made, one that really stands out is that they specifically stated in their study that the use of a smartphone is not a substitute for wearing a watch, at least in terms of how we view time.

They noted that those who wear a watch will generally be more punctual and as such on time for their meetings, while those who mostly use their smartphones as a way to track the time don't generally show this same level of conscientiousness.

So, if you are one of those who are still keen on donning a favourite wrist accessory, you are certainly not alone and while not everyone is happy to have a watch, it does come with its benefits, fashion accessory or not.

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