Is it better to buy a new or a pre-owed watch?


Wednesday, 20th May 2020

Is it better to buy a new or a pre-owed watch?

It is without a doubt one of the biggest and most difficult questions any watch collector is likely to be asking when the time comes to add to their growing list of accessories.

There is so much to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to take the big leap involved with buying a luxury watch. There is that price tag, of course, it's enough to make your eyes water, and then there is the seemingly endless collections of luxury watches to pour through, which means you have to know more or less what you are looking for and have some idea about the background of the watch company.

You then also need to decide if you are going to go the pre-owned route or buy a brand new watch.

Pre-owned watches are going nowhere. As people turn out their once loved timepieces for something new, they tend to cash in on the watches they own. This is immensely beneficial for wannabe luxury watch owners, because they are cheaper. And while price is certainly a major decision maker, there is a little more to it than that.

New vs. second hand

Of the many, many factors that you need to consider when buying a watch, the price, as we've said, is quite often your deciding factor. If a second hand luxury watch is well overpriced, you are not likely to snap it up when you could buy a new watch at about the same price.

So what are some of the factors, besides price, that you should look at:

The Condition

A loved watch is going to be in a beautiful condition. No scratches, no grime. After all, a jeweller can quite easily clean up the watch and remove the scratches that invariably happen when you wear a watch. It is best to get a look at the watch before you buy it, but if that is impossible, you can always ask the buyer to take a few close up snaps for you.

The Warranty

A watch with a warranty is a big deal. It means you are buying it from an authorised dealer, so if your initial expectations were wildly unmet, you can lean on the warranty to ensure that you still get your money's worth. Most of the best pre-owned watch dealers are going to offer you some kind of warranty on your buy.

The Accessories

Many don't realise that luxury watches can come in a box filled with accessories, which can include a selection of branded watch straps, repair tools, and a few other gadgets. You see, owning a luxury watch is not just a preference, it is a passion. Watch collectors take immense pride in the pieces they collect and they hold on to those accessories that can make maintenance a breeze.

Should you buy a pre-owned watch? Absolutely! If the price is good, the watch is an original brand name, and it has been kept in a fantastic condition, you are quite easily looking at a great buy!

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