A Brief Gentleman's Guide to Watch Straps


Tuesday, 21st April 2020

A Brief Gentleman's Guide to Watch Straps

So, you've browsed the internet, found the perfect luxury watch to add to your growing drawer of accessories and now you are looking to make that watch truly unique by buying a few watch straps which can be used interchangeably to suit your mood and the occasion?

In this brief guide to watch straps, we're going to help you find the right watch strap to suit your style.

Not only are there all sorts of watch straps styles available out there, but there are also different materials and colours to choose from. Some materials will perfectly compliment the watch you've bought while others will make your accessory truly stand out.

It was women who first made watch straps a fashionable choice, and while the gentlemen might be a little late to the party, there are many gorgeous watch straps to choose from. So strap yourself in (pardon the pun) and take a look at our helpful guide.

Bracelet watch straps

For those who are keen on adding a bit of glitz to their accessories, this is the option for you. Steel and gold are quite popular choices when it comes to the bracelet watch, and because of the strength and durability of these watches, you can be sure that they are highly reliable. There are two common types of bracelets; one is solid while the other is linked. Linked bracelet straps are the more sought after of the two; normally they can be adjusted and they can be more comfortable. When you have one of these watch straps you need to be sure that your strap fits your wrist properly and doesn't dangle. This could create weakness and end up breaking as a result.

Leather watch straps

These are without a doubt the most versatile of all watch straps and since they are available in different styles and colours, it is easy to see why most watch fans choose the leather watch strap. There is the option of vegan leather, or faux leather, while those who are looking for something really different can opt for crocodile or even alligator, to name just two of the other types of leather on the market. These watch straps can create a very distinguished look and as such will never go out of style. Leather watch straps are ideal for those living a fast, active lifestyle and require a durable strap that won't snap or come apart during the action. This strap is guaranteed to age faster than the bracelet watch, but it will age gracefully and always look stylish.

Rubber watch straps

For those who are going to be in the water a lot, like divers, the rubber watch strap is ideal! Not only are they safe to use beneath the waves, but they are also perfect for smart-casual occasions. These straps have been known for cracking in the past, but things have come a long way since then and today rubber watch straps are highly durable. The rubber is made from compounds taken from petroleum, which means they are light and comfortable.

Much like your watch is a reflection of your personal preference, the watch strap you choose will be the one that catches your eye, so do a little browsing and find the perfect one to complement your style.

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