Breitling  - Emergency - V76325 Volcano Black



This timepiece has undergone a thorough inspection of water resistance, accuracy, functionality and condition to determine the level of reconditioning required to meet our strict standards. It has also been referenced against technical documents and manufacturer records where available to ensure authenticity and a clean history.

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Manufacturer Specification





Model number

V76325 Volcano Black





Case material


Case size


Dial type


Water resistance



Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Countdown timer, 2nd Timezone, Alarm. Dual frequency distress beacon: 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz

Bracelet material

Rubber - Black

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Topwatch 12 Month Warranty.

Additional Comments

Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Countdown timer, 2nd Timezone, Alarm. Dual frequency Distress Beacon: 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz.


The Breitling Professional Emergency line is designed especially for pilots and aircrews, with built-in microtransmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. This watch provides a completely unique functionality which can save wearer's life in emergency situations. For example, following an airplane crash or a forced lending, the Emergency watch will send a signal on which rescuers can come in. This watch perfectly complements the aircraft's own signaling equipment. The emergency transmitter is easily activated by simply unscrewing the protective cap and pulling the antenna out fully. The transmitter has enough power reserve to emit signal for 48 hours. An average reach of the signal is about 160 kilometers, or 100 miles, on flat terrain or calm seas. The watch is crafted in titanium and utilizes Breitling 76 SuperQuartz thermocompenzated electronic movement, with analog and 12/24hr LCD display and End Of Life indicator.

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