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Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer Watches - “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860”

TAG Heuer is the Swiss company at the forefront of designing excellent watches for men and women. The name TAG Heuer combines the first letters of "Techniques d'Avant Garde" along with the founder's surname.

As a watchmaking company known for producing luxury watches, TAG Heuer harbours close ties to both the glamorous world of Hollywood as well as various sports. 

The result of their close ties is that the design of each watch in the various TAG Heuer ranges are inspired by their ambassadors and the industries they have partnered with. This means that each range has an incredibly distinct style. Some of the current partnerships or industries that have influenced design include soccer players, supermodels, the art and music world and Formula 1. Each range is named accordingly, allowing you to easily pick out your TAG Heuer watch.

Innovation, precision, prestige.

Each watch designed and manufactured by TAG Heuer is a labour of love. This company is passionate about their watchmaking, a timeless industry that requires craftsmanship and immense dedication. In a world where people still seek out the luxurious, TAG Heuer has been able to produce functional, stunning, luxury watches time and again.

The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer and has remained one of the most innovative and creative Swiss watch companies. TAG Heuer dares to think outside the box and with their century of experience, each watch is perfection. TAG Heuer currently has two watchmaking factories in Switzerland; one in Cornol and one in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

One of the features that have made these watches very popular is their inclusion of a chronographer. The automatic chronographers were introduced in the 1960s when Heuer partnered up with Breitling and Hamilton. The development of watches including chronographers was a carefully guarded secret as the company did not want competition finding out about their progress.

Over time the company has seen many changes, but their dedication to precision remains the same. During its vast history, the company has also introduced new products alongside their watches, such as eyewear, mobile phones and various fashion accessories.

TAG Heuer keeps its luxury brand image by ensuring that they don’t miss an opportunity to bring innovation to their products. They have long-standing links to the MacLaren Formula 1 team as well as being involved with Skiing World Championships.

Today, Tag Heuer watches carries an exceptional reputation, the kind of which many other watchmakers envy. Their watches are available all across the globe and you can buy TAG Heuer watches in South Africa.

TAG Heuer watches in South Africa

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