Bell And Ross

Bell and Ross Watches are the ultimate luxury watch brand with intense focus and commitment when it comes to going to the extreme to make a stunning product

Bell And Ross

Bell and Ross: Beyond Watches

Bell and Ross Watches are the ultimate luxury watch brand with intense focus and commitment when it comes to going to the extreme to make a stunning product. Bell and Ross Watches are ideal for those who are looking for something simple but classy.

This is one of those watch companies that has made its mark as a manufacturer which can be relied on. Their watches are not just designed for every day wear, but they are also designed to handle the most extreme situations. There are many professions and industries where watches need to be able to withstand high temperatures, dangerous pressures and fast-paced accelerations. There is little doubt then that the Bell and Ross Watch collections are not only a favourite among those working in the aviation industry, but the company has also been inspired by pilots and their favourite machines.

Bell and Ross have analysed the rigours of the lives of pilots, astronauts, bomb disposal experts and deep sea divers. Each environment produces a unique situation, which gives the watchmakers at this company all of the information that they need in order to produce a product able to withstand the pressures of these professions. They aim to make their watches a tool for these professions, rather than a fashion accessory.

Expertise in Design

These watches are designed to meet all kinds of expectations and they have many requirements to fulfil. To create these watches, the designers combine the expertise that makes them the professional watchmakers they are, with the knowledge that they have gained from the professions mentioned above.

Function, above all else, dictates design. Before any of these watches are sold, they have to meet 4 basic Bell and Ross principles: reliability, precision, legibility and functionality. This means that every detail you see on the watch has been placed there to carry out a purpose. With purpose and technical precision, these watches offer a certain timeless beauty.

As with all watch brands, Bell and Ross have distinct collections. But unlike other watchmakers, they have not created countless collections. When choosing your watch, you have the option of two collections, namely the aviation collection and the vintage collection.

The aviation collection is precise but simple. The design is sleek and every curve has an important function. The concept behind this collection is to take the edged clock from the cockpit of an aeroplane and turn it into a simple wrist watch. The models in the aviation collection are iconic to the brand and they have resulted in the creation of other instruments.

The other collection is the vintage collection.  These watches pay homage to the early aviators, those who took to the skies in the 1940s. This was an awe-inspiring generation of pilots and engineers. Again, the design style is simple and modern.

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