Unlike other watchmakers, Ball Watches has a specific mission.


Ball Watches: For the Fearless Pioneers

A proudly American watchmaking company, Ball Watches was a part of the industry that was greatly responsible for the development of the American railroads. Indeed, before there was a functioning railway system, there was not much of a need for precise timekeeping in America.

The history of Ball Watches is an interesting one. By 1883, it had been decided that America needed to be divided into 4 time zones and adopt the Standard time. When the Standard Time had been accepted, Webster Cay Ball, from Ohio, became the first jeweller to manufacture watches to use the new timekeeping methods and thus bring accurate time to Ohio. In 1891, he was appointed as a Chief Inspector for the rail lines.

With the expertise that Ball Watches would eventually bring to the industry, it’s hardly surprising that today they are one of the most established and most respected watchmakers in the United States. The team continuously updates its watch collections in order to keep up with customer preferences as well as industry changes. “Industrial Functional” is the focus of every watch, so while the designs might change, the primary focus does not. Every detail of the watches is still a representation of the original designs drawn up by the founder.

Unlike other watchmakers, Ball Watches has a specific mission. And that is to remind people to be themselves and to encourage people to push their own boundaries. As their watches are designed with quality materials and built using timeless, reliable techniques, Ball Watches are ideal for the thrill seekers and the adventurers living life on their own terms. These watches bring out the individual within the person, and you can be sure that every watch is as unique as they come.

So, while you are taking the path less taken, you can select a watch from one of their collections.

Ball Watch Collections

As mentioned, the success of these watches lies in the company’s ability to stay true to original designs while being adaptable enough to work in new ideas. The result has been 6 distinctly Ball collections: Engineer Hydrocarbon, Engineer II, Engineer Master II, Trainmaster, Conductor and Fireman. They also have the official Railroad Watch, which is an ode to the railroad history that spurred the company forward. The Railroad Watches are simple and they are light, making them elegant, timeless pieces.

Regardless of the watch collection, you are considering, each Ball Watch is a luxury worth having. Most of the watches have a sporty look while exuding a natural elegance. Nothing is eye-catchingly over the top in terms of the designs, and yet every watch perfectly performs the function it was manufactured to perform. You’ll find neat, sleek and refined designs as well as those that stand out. Be sure you browse all of the collections to gain a better understanding of what is available.

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